Hello … I’m the person with the blue hair and lots of opinions

IMG_2414 (1)
#bluehairdontcare: I’ve been dying my hair blue for at least eight years now. Image: Niki Bruce 

Hello, I’m the person with the blue hair.

I’ve been working in the media as a journalist and editor for the last 20 years – yes, I’m old.

You can read more about my career in this post: Meet Niki Bruce

I have lived and worked in China, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and most recently have moved back to Australia after 10 years in Singapore as Editor In Chief and Fashion Editor for fashion and beauty publications.


I’ve always wanted to do Fashion (with a capital F) and finally I have the chance to do so with this masters programme.

You can read more about why I still love fashion in this post: My meditations on why I still want to work in fashion …

As a passionate supporter of emerging Asian and Australian fashion and accessories designers over the last eight years I’ve seen the difficulties the industry is currently experiencing.

I’m hoping that via this programme I’ll be able to better understand the issues of fabrication and production, and just generally learn more about how the industry works from the business side of the equation.

If you want to check out my work, go to: https://nikibruce.com/. And you can follow me on Instagram at: @ini_niki_b  

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