Meet Niki Bruce …

The Person with the Blue Hair: Niki is known for her blue hair, always wearing black and supporting emerging fashion and accessories labels. Image: Niki Bruce

Niki Bruce has been working in the media, both print and online, for almost 20 years. Over this period she has been at the forefront of creating online, digital and social media content for a wide variety of topics from news to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, architecture, design, interiors and entertainment.

She has created engaging content from first concept ideas to final products including photographic shoots, videos, social media posts and full articles written either for SEO or engaging print stories. Niki has also been involved in tertiary education at an intimate level as an industry board member and helped with curriculum development, as well as been on many judging panels for emerging creatives in the Southeast Asia region.

Niki has an on-going interest in new technology and social innovations, particularly when it comes to the creative fields of fashion and retail. She has a strong understanding of the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and retail industries in Asia and Australia, and remains fascinated about seeing how media and these industries will change in coming years.

Niki would like to combine her media and technology skills with her love of the fashion industry to help emerging brands to work out the best possible platforms to reach their markets.

“I want to help young designers to understand the importance of having good press releases – being able to explain their stories to buyers and media; I want to help create new ways of monetising strong social media followings to ensure these new creatives get paid for their work,” says Niki.

“I’m interested in creating an platform similar to Fashion East but for the Asian and Australian markets. Fashion East is a post-graduate opportunity for young designers to get the business planning and support from the industry after they have graduated; to assist them to build a brand and not just one great runway collection. I feel that this type of programme is missing the Asia-Australia context.”

Niki is looking forward to working with individuals and companies interested in assisting emerging fashion designers and brands to create successful ongoing businesses, particular those with an interest in combining technology, sustainability, inclusivity and fashion.

Niki jokes that she’s “totally addicted to Instagram, emerging Korean fashion brands, shoes, earrings (my latest addiction) and rings”.

“I’m known for my blue hair – obviously – and my strong opinions.’

Niki Bruce can be contacted at; you can see examples of her work at and you can follow her on Instagram at @ini_niki_b

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